The Nomadic Museum

Using inspirational music and minimal dialogue, GoShow produced a stunning Micro Doc chronicling the 65-day odyssey of building this one-of-a-kind structure on New York City's Pier 54 during one of the worst winters in New York history. This highly acclaimed Micro Doc proved to be the PR and marketing tool that made the Nomadic Museum the most successful exhibit or attraction in the entire ti-state area for its entire run.

We Are One

An amazingly effective campaign which includes an event "call to action", a Micro Doc, a 60' rap and a 30' PSA. Though we shot in a studio on clean, white seamless, we still wanted a highly visceral documentary feel and impact which would hold true to the nature of the content. Then, as sometimes occurs when you're shooting, magic happened. Hall of fame rapper Darryl DMC McDaniels busted out in an impromptu rap that embodied the entire foster child message. It was awesome.

TreShawn P

Six years after he and his brothers were found in their New Jersey home nearly starved to death by their adoptive parents, TreShawn has graduated from high school and is thriving. Notably, Oprah Winfrey (15 to 20 million viewers daily) featured TreShawn and his brothers on her show as a direct result of viewing this compelling Micro Doc. This is TreShawn's remarkable story — in his own words.

Faith In A Seed

The challenge: No belching smokestack or oil-soaked seagulls to help rally support around this environmental cause. So we contrasted past and present, and then explored possibilities for the future. We then inserted a measure of thought-provoking fantasy and added a haunting and award-winning musical score. "Faith" continues to raise awareness and substantial funding.

Silent Voices

"Silent Voices" is a multi award-winning Micro Doc that we produced to raise awareness about the problems facing abused and neglected foster children in welfare systems across the nation. A single screening at the client's annual benefit gala raised over 1 million dollars. The film, which also features an original score, continues to raise awareness and money for at-risk kids across the nation.